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Few words about us

The BADY Company, since the foundation in 1989, specializes in trade. At the beginning our main goal was to cover the Warsaw market as well as the region of Mazovia. Due to the continuous development and expanse over new areas, today you can find our products in nearly all of the main cities. Our main activity is distribution of different kinds of souvenirs related to the country of Poland. We are one of the largest companies present on the Polish market with the capacity to serve over 400 gift shops all over the country. Our products can be easily found at all international airports in Poland, as well as in many places of special tourist interest. The catalog is being actualized continuously and our offer systematically grows. The current one contains souvenirs related to Poland in general and also to concrete specific Polish cities. Worth mentioning is a fact that our company is licensed distributor of products with logo "SOLIDARNOŚĆ" ("Solidarity"). We also export our products to Polish citizens living abroad. For anyone who is interested we can also produce similar goods to ours products. This can be used for promotion or for re-selling.